Road to Hygiene

People who are homeless are often at risk of infectious diseases—like hepatitis A, B, and C, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS—due to poor nutrition and hygiene.


Welcome to our awareness!!! We are a group of five powerful women, who want to make an impact to our community. We created a website where people who want to donate can come to our website and find a destination near them where they can drop off their donations. According to abc7 “CHICAGO (WLS) --. The new face of homelessness is families. An estimated 140,000 homeless people live in the city including thousands of public school students in shelters, in tents, in parks or just in whatever place they can find across Chicago.

We are specifically focusing on providing hygiene materials to the ones in need. So we are making a difference by making it easier for people to find places that they can donate through our website. So what does all of this mean??? In here we are going to provide you with locations in Chicago where you can go either leave things to donate or donate money. We provide a variety of places to look for your most closest destination for donations.

Also these places are 100% real for donations. I know maybe you have the doubt of how can having hygiene materials make an impact?? It may seem something not as important but we use hygiene materials everyday, for example a toothbrush (morning and night), soap (to shower), women pads or tampons, this is something very important to women!!! Imagine yourself (if you were a women) bleeding either 3 days or a whole week with no protection from bleeding!! Now imagine yourself with no toilet paper, deodorant, oral care, soap, shampoo, lotion, lip balm, razors, etc, maybe these materials don’t seem as important but I’ll give you a challenge!! For a whole week don’t use all of these materials!!! Just try it! And no cheating, get to know how it feels, rethink your decision, always be a better person and see how by contributing can affect your future or your future kids, always think outside of the box, Help those who weren’t as lucky as yourself.


These are some places where you can either go donate or volunteer opportunities

Chicago Period Organization

Chicago Period Project

This is an organization that mainly focus on giving the needs to homeless women.

Visit Website!
Support the Girls

I Support the Girls

This is an organization that donates bras,tampons, and other to women in need.

Visit Website!

The Boulevard

The Boulevard

This organizaton helps people "rebuild their lives, and to "grow" their potenial", they had helped near 9,000 people

Visit Website!



Below are some suggestions on places you could buy produts for the homeless and if you dont know what to buy, we have some suggestions down there to help you out!


Joy Taylor

Rosie Talavera


Jaylene Nunez


Gabriela Pesantez


Jenny Zacarias

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